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Gold Paper Moon

Love You More Sweatshirt

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This "Love You More" sweatshirt declares your feelings (and playfully invites a friendly competition) in the sweetest way possible. It's not just a sweatshirt, it's a cozy comfort hug and a playful wink to whoever holds your heart.


    • Super-soft : Feel the warmth and comfort with every wear, like a gentle tug-of-war between affection and playful banter (but without the sweater fuzz!).
    • Relaxed fit: Perfect for snuggling up, sharing secrets, and declaring your "love you more" status (just be prepared for the friendly counter-claim!).
    • Bold "Love You More" graphic: A playful statement piece that sparks smiles and sparks the age-old battle of love's depth (but hey, even ties are sweet victories).
  • Durable construction: Ready for countless movie nights, coffee dates, walks in the park, and all the adventures that make your love story unique (and full of playful one-upmanship).