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Gold Paper Moon

Taylor Prayer Candle Swiftie Tshirt Unisex

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Move over, Mother Teresa, there's a new saint in town! Bow down to this masterpiece featuring Saint Taylor Swift, resplendent with a halo and a heavenly glow. Whether you're seeking blessings for "Love Story" vibes or channeling the fierce energy of "Shake it Off," this T-shirt is your holy grail of Swiftie fashion. It's a playful tribute, a conversation starter, and the perfect way to declare your undying devotion to the queen of pop.


  • Blessed with a radiant Taylor Swift Saint graphic in full, candle-lit glory
  • Soft and comfortable that feels like a divine hug
  • Durable construction ready for countless concert crusades and karaoke pilgrimages
  • Available in a range of colors to match your angelic aura or rebellious spirit
  • Perfect for: die-hard Swifties, casual fans, music lovers, gift-givers, and anyone who celebrates pop music royalty



  • Taylor Swift T-shirt
  • Saint Taylor Swift T-shirt