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Gold Paper Moon

Valentines Day Teacher Sweatshirt

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Show your teacher the love they deserve this Valentine's Day with the sweetest sweatshirt around! This adorable pink and white cotton cutie features playful candy hearts adorned with quirky Teacher phrases, guaranteed to bring a smile to their face and melt hearts in the classroom.

More than just a sweatshirt, it's a love letter to educators:

    • Super-soft : Feel the huggable comfort with every wear, just like a student's warm embrace (minus the sticky fingers, hopefully!).
    • Relaxed fit: Perfect for lesson planning, grading papers, or cozying up with a good book.
    • Eye-catching "Teacher Things" candy heart graphic: Each heart features a relatable phrase like "Coffee Fuel" or "Grading Marathons," adding a touch of humor and appreciation.
  • Pink and white cotton perfection: The quintessential Valentine's Day color palette, radiating warmth and positivity.